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So many of you have been asking us to bring back our model search, so here it is.

We are looking for the next Veve Dream Girl.

Past Veve Dream girls include Ellie Gonalves, Renee Somerfield, Becky Lamb, Danielle Johnson, Monisha, Sarah Lawther, Chontelle Berryman, Khloe Terae, Clarissa Bowers and Ashiie Munro Smith.

Each of our Dream Girls have made us proud and all have been successful in creating lives that they love.

Who would like to be our next Veve Dream Girl?

We are looking for a Veve Swimwear lover that sees the beauty in themselves, in others, and in the world we live in.

OPAL – OUR POWERFUL ACTION LIST – Let’s make a difference.

These days we all know of someone that is either struggling with their mindset, anxiety or depression. This could be you, or someone you love.

One of our Veve VIP’s and friend Baillee Schneider took her life this year which left us shocked and heartbroken.

We want to help make a difference.

I have a list of things that I personally do to help me when I am going through a down time. Everybody has ups and downs in life. It is totally normal, but it is great to have some tools that we can use to help us manage and get through the down times.

My list ALWAYS helps me, and I am certain that it will help others.

So through this year’s model search we are going to create OUR POWERFUL ACTION LIST together. One that we can share with hopefully 1000’s of people.

When entering our model search you will be asked to tell us 3 things that help to lift your mood, help you through anxiety or a difficult time, or just make YOU feel good.

We are going to compile a list from your answers and share it on our Instagram highlights so that you or anyone you know can go to the list in a time of need (or everyday, if you just want to feel great as often as possible). You can scroll through the list and choose to do something that will help to lift your mood. You will be amazed at how POWERFUL this list is.

We are also making the first LUXURY SWIMSUIT made with GENUINE AUSTRALIAN OPALS to help promote our O.P.A.L list.

This year’s winner will receive the following;

  • Our chosen Dream Girl will model and be an ambassador for the first $20,000 bikini with a purpose, made with Australian Opals gaining international media and exposure.

  • An expenses paid 2 day photoshoot on Beautiful Moreton Island in Australia with photographer Glen Bowden modelling new Veve styles.

  • A year’s supply of Veve Swimwear – 1 bikini per month for 12 months

  • Ongoing paid campaign shoots with Veve Swimwear

  • Resort wear by Hanalei Swan



Application Form

To apply to become Veve Swimwear’s next Dream Girl, we require the following.

  • $50 Application fee – For this fee you will receive entry to our model search and a $40 Veve Swimwear voucher that can be used at

  • 6 images of yourself.

  • By completing the entry form below you agree to our Terms and Condition (click here to read)


If your application form submission is unsuccessful, please email your application details and photos to and we can process your application and payment manually. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments please let us know;


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